Manipur’s prosperity requires Social equality: Kayisii

Minister of tribal and hill development N. Kayisii said unless there is equal distribution, respect and concern for one another there will not be true development and peaceful co-existence in our society.
Thaisii was addressing at the Manipur University Court Hall on the observance of the 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar today. He said, “The Hill-Valley division of our state should be addressed in the true spirit of Dr. Ambedkar.
The minister said his departments with the government will try the best to bring about just and positive change in the state.
The gap between the rich and poor in the society has to be taken care of by uplifting the poor and the needy. The prejudice and communal feeling should not be promoted, added the minister.
“You must have firm belief in sacredness of your mission. Noble is your aim and sublime and glorious in your mission. Blessed are those who are awakened in their duty to those among who are born” said the minister.

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