Joykishan questions BJP over NSCN IM issue

Congress spokesperson MLA Khumukcham Joykishan has questioned the BJP as to why the party in power has not been responding to the call of NSCN (IM) when it is willing to come to the mainstream and promote peaceful coexistence.

Joykishan claimed that NSCN (IM) has realised lately that the Government of India has been using them as a tool. He was at the diamond jubilee celebration of Namthanlong Youth Club, Thangmeiband held yesterday.

The Manipur PCC spokesperson seek reasons at the failure of Government of India to bring NSCN (IM), which has been waging its movement for the last 70 years, to the mainstream even after BJP president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during their visit in Manipur ahead of the state assembly election assured that the Framework Agreement signed between central government and NSCN (IM) does not threaten interests of the State.

Joykishan said BJP used underground outfits in election times just to achieve their political objectives creating division amongst the people of the hills and valley. He challenged the BJP to declare the actual date when the stalemate over the Framework Agreement will be resolved if they refute the accusation.

He said both the central government and BJP leaders in the state cannot give an appropriate response to the challenge as they have been using NSCN (IM) since a long time only to fulfill their motives.

Joykishan said the people of the state need to stand united against such irresponsible political party and organisations.

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