Governor appeals to stop killing

Governor Najma A. Heptulla has appealed the people in the state to stop killing of birds and animals which adversely affects the environment.
In a statement released today Najma Heptullah said, as we are all aware, Manipur is endowed with a rich biodiversity, truly a treasure trove of a variety of flora and fauna. Over the ages, the state has remained covered with thick forest maintaining a fine balance of ecosystem. However, it is very disturbing that large areas in the state especially in the hills have now become barren due to wanton falling of trees. This has led to far reaching consequences having a very adverse impact on the environment particularly on the flora and fauna, said the governor.
The environment has become increasingly hostile to the birds and animals. They are gradually vanishing from the region and flocks of birds once a common sight, has become a rarity now. We have already done enough harm to the birds and animals by playing unscrupulously with nature. The situation has been made worse by our senseless killing of birds and animals. At this rate of predation, the days may not be far away when our rare birds go extinct, and only a few of the common birds and animals remain. “I, therefore, make this fervent appeal that we should all stop killing birds and animals and join the campaign for protecting them wholeheartedly” added the governor.

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