PRJA supporters complain ECI

Supporters of PRJA (Peoples’ Resurgence and Justice Alliance) candidate Erendro Leichombam today staged a sit-in at Khomdram Sellungba Leikai, Thangmeiband condemning the attack to him yesterday by some persons at Sinam Leikai during the polling hour.

“We condemn the undemocratic act towards our candidate who exposes as a candidate to fight against corruption, and muscle and money power culture; the incident of thrashing Erendro by stopping him on the way while he was moving in a vehicle at Sinam Leikai is unfortunate and against democracy” “The ECI and the DC should take up action against those who attacked him” said a protester.

The protesters made their slogan “Put the GUNDAS behind Bars”.

Erendro was beaten up at Sinam Leikai in his Thangmeiband constituency by some anti-agents. He was admitted at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Imphal, but later discharged as he was not critically injured.

In an open message Erendro said obstacles are signs that we are advancing. Challenges like this has also brought us together even closer, added Erendro.

(Pix by Shivkumar Ahongshangbam)

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