Plea for quick justice against fake encounter

Rights activists and students spearheaded by Extra-judicial Execution Victims Family Association, EEVAM and Kangleipak Students’ Association, KSA staged a sit-in rally demanding quick justice to the fake encounter/extra-judicial killing victims and their families at Keishampat in the heart of Imphal city.

Human rights activists Onil pressing for speedy justice and to prosecute the perpetrator involved in fake encounter cases said, 1,528 cases have been filed at the Supreme Court and 20 additional similar cases have also been noticed. “These cases have been pending and very soon they will be heard at the Supreme Court on 17, 18 and 19 of April”, added Onil.

Indeed they (both the central and state governments) are trying to escape from this fake encounter issue Supreme Court is putting pressure on the Manipur government, said Oinil. “India is democratic country and under the name of democracy people have been oppressed and subjugated with killings occurring every now and then”, added the activists.

Moirangthem Lakshman, President of KSA said, we are not targeting to any specific political party or any person who may be in any position should be booked and quickly give befitting punishment. “We are demanding the political parties to give their fullest co-operation so that speedy trial would be conducted”, said the student leader.

The genesis of the fake encounter is the AFSP, 1958 and so we demand lifting of the army act from the soil of Manipur, said Lakshman.

Similar rallies demanding quick justice against the fake encounter killing of people in the state several civil society organisations have been witnessed in the state ahead of the election that would be conducted on Saturday and on March 8. People in the rallies has been pressing the politicians to feel the public pulse after they form the next government and take efficient steps to get justice to the victims of the arm conflict.

The demonstrators after their sit-in rally marched a rally; however police stopped them on the way at Keishampat saying 144 Cr PC has been imposed in Imphal.

The KSA president said they will not vote in the election, instead they will organise rally demanding justice to human rights.

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