Governor Heptulla appeal to avoid violence

Governor of Manipur, Najma A. Heptullah has appealed the citizens in Manipur to exercise their democratic rights fearlessly and avoid violence especially at Naga inhabited areas on the election polling tomorrow and on March 8.

In a statement released by the governor today stated that the General Elections to the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly will be held in two phases – on March 4 at 38 Assembly constituencies and March 8 at 22 assembly constituencies respectively. India is a big democratic country and every citizen of this great country has the right to vote and elect his own leader. This right of franchise is enshrined in the Indian Constitution and it is a precious tool in the hands of the people through which they can decide their own fate for the next five years.

Saying that every citizen should feel proud of the democratic right Heptulla appealed to all the citizens of the state to exercise this democratic right in a free and fair manner and without fear as it is the very essence of our democratic system. She has also appealed to all concerned particularly to those picketing the government offices in the Naga dominated areas in the Hill Districts to avoid any kind of violent activities or obstruction to enable holding a free and fair election. Everybody should contribute for a smooth and peaceful democratic process and no citizen should be deprived of his democratic right.

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