Drug supply falls short

High court appointed committee has found shortage of life saving drugs and other medicines in Imphal city during their survey conducted today.
Following directives of the Manipur High Court the appointed committee today made the survey on the availability of medicinal drugs at stockists and pharmacies as the blockade continues for over four months in the state.
The committee led by B.K. Sharma, joint director of Manipur Judicial Academy and high court advocate Ng. Kumar also began a survey at oil pumps on March 1 for which a report was to submit at the court on March 3. The survey was conducted to check whether the fuel oil brought in was matched with the available stock at the oil pumps.
As par high courts directives to the committee, we take up survey of the availability of essential commodities including medicines and today we have visited some druggist and agents said a member of the committee.
“According to them, after the imposition of the economic blockade so many drugs including life saving drugs fall short of supply”, said the committee member.
Many of the drug items were brought in the state through surface transport with escort convoy and the drug dealers say as there is uncertainty of when the convoy would be provided to the transporters leading to less supply of the drugs, added the committee member.

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