All District Magistrates issues orders under section 144 CrPC

Chief election officer notified ending of election campaign with district magistrates issuing order under 144 CrPC regarding ban on unlawful assemblies and prohibition on holding of public meetings during the period of 48 hours ending with the hour fixed for the close of the poll, applicable for the areas/constituencies bound for polls.

The notice of the election authority says all restrictions provided in excise law on the storage of liquor in unlicensed premises shall be vigorously enforced from P-2 day Special drives should be launched to unearth illicit liquor making factories.

No loudspeaker shall be permitted to be used during the period of 48 hours i.e after 3 00 PM today ending with the poll closing time

There should be adequate provision of drinking water, toilet, first aid etc at the dispatch location. The process of dispatch shall be closely monitored by the senior officers.

All EVMs duly prepared are stored in the strong room under round the clock security, the list of which has already been given to candidates under acknowledgement.

Micro observers to be randomized for deployment in pre-identified polling booths in the presence of the Observer on P-2 day However, they shall be informed about the exact Polling Booth where they will be on duty only on the day of departure i.e. P-1 Day Micro- observers shall report to the Observer alone and not to any other election functionary

Exit Poll is prohibited under the Law from the period from the start of poll in first poll day and 30 minutes after the end of poll on the last poll date in a state/country.

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