Assam rifles present lamps

The 23 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) donated ten solar lights, 100 solar lanterns (one for each household) & 500 Solar lamps providing succour to villagers.

The locals of remote village of Longdi Pabram had a day to be remembered for a long time when on 27 March 2017, Brig RK Singh Dy IGAR (South) and Col DPK Pillai, SC visited the village. Col DPK Pillai, SC shares an unique relation with the locals and is called “Pillai Pamei” by the villagers. Taking note of the fact that LongdiPabram village did not have any electricity, the Assam Rifles presented the lamps to villagers, especially the children who can now study at night, said a statement released by the paramilitary force.

Village Longdi Pabram shares a special bond with Col DPK Pillai, SC who while grievously injured during a fire fight with Naga undergrounds on 25th January 1994, refused to be evacuated in the helicopter meant for him. Despite bleeding profusely, he chose to evacuate the two children who were injured in cross fire, putting his life in grave danger. His selfless act with utter disregard to his safety touched the hearts of both the villages and insurgents alike. The villagers have adopted him as one of their own clan and have given him the moniker “Pillai Pamei”.

The IGAR (South) reaffirmed the commitment of Assam Rifles to help the needy, provide assistance in remote areas and bring peace in the North East. The DyIG also took the opportunity to interact with the villagers and children. Col Pallai had an emotional reunion with Maseliu Pamei & DingamangPamei, the two children whom he saved in 1994. The locals expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for visiting the village and literally bring light in their lives. Col DP Singh, OffgCdr 9 Sector Assam Rifles and Lt Col KD Sharma, Offg Commandant of 23 Assam Rifles were also present on the occasion, added the statement.

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