Khurai Polo Club moves into the quarter final beating Meiraba Polo Club, Thangmeiband by 9-0 goals in the 32nd N.Hazari & Dr.N.Tombi State Level Polo Tournament 2017 played at Mapal Kangjeibung.

Khurai Polo Club dominated the proceddings, striking at will with Th.Basanta scoring a hattrick while L.Thomson, T.Roshan fetch two goals each, O.Rozer and S.Selungba for the huge win, enroute to the quarter final.

In the other matches, Chingkhei Hunba Polo Club gallops with 6-2 goals over KMM Riding School. M.Babloo, S.Bronson and O.Paikhomba fetch two goals each. As for KMM Riding team, Umesh Gurung and W.Johny chip in with a goal each.

Imphal Riding Club drubbed Nambul Mapal Polo Club(A) by 13-1 goals. L.Rohit proved his worth scoring six goals while M.Ranjan got a hattrick, T.Leishemba got two goals, T.Basantakumar and LRomeo hit in a goal each. The lone goal for Nambul Mapal was scored by Ak.Akham.

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