Overthrow Ibobi’s regime for a better Manipur: Ram Madhav

BJP has organised a grand public meeting today to campaign for its new candidate Jyotin Waikhom of Thangmeiband constituency against his rival MLA Khumuckcham Joykishan.
National general secretary of BJP, Ram Madhav said the people of the beautiful state Manipur has been suffering for 15 years because of misrule of IBobi. “Overthrow Ibobi’s regime and see—corruption will be no more, unemployment problem come to an end, there will be no poverty in your region; there will be only development in the state”, said Madhav.
He said Ibobi is known as Mr. 10 percent for he takes 10 percent of every development projects in the state. But now he takes 90 percent of project funds and use only its 10 percent, he added.
Madhav also asked Ibobi why did the Congress did not fix the Imphal Jiribam highway road during the congress rule. “The BJP has just crossed two years in power at the centre and why Ibobi government is blaming the BJP”, added Madhav.
He was here to campaign for the ensuing state assembly election to be held in March and took part in today’s political gathering held at Thangmeiband.
Jyotin Waikhom has been contesting on Congress ticket in the past elections fought against MLA Khumukcham Joykishan.
Joykishan was a BJP MLA, but he recently left BJP alleging the party against demonetisation and not trying to bring an end to the economic blockade imposed by United Naga Council. He is now the spokesperson of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee.
Jyotin said, “Congress has become a party which a politician cannot rely as it neglects the long sufferers as a congress member and encouraged the defectors which is the reason for why I left the party.”
He said he will look into the development of infrastructures and water supply especially for the promotion of education and employment.
Chaoba, the state BJP executive leader on ticket management said the gathering at Thangmeiband in the heart of Imphal will reach its tempo and its voice to the people of the state.

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