Najima Bibi ready to serve anyway

Najima Bibi who is the first woman Muslim contestant in the history of Manipur state legislative election dares to face any consequences to serve the people to get their rights to life.
Najima said it is realised to indulge in the political issues after engaging in social issues. I decided to contest in the election so that I could serve the people better after I represent the people, added Najima.
Yes, I was prohibited to fight in the election, however, as the law of the land and the customary law have no restriction I have intended to contest as a candidate, said Najima.
She said, I have experienced the woe of the people and I will try to fulfil the desire and safeguard the rights of the people, and if I am defeated in the election I will continue serving the people at my level best. The mindset of the people that only MLAs and Pradhan could help is wrong; the provisions are is automatic and included in the government policies and not from their personnel pockets, and I will proceed in the note that the rights of the people should be protected, added Najima.
Najima was at the Cheirap Court Complex taking oath along with Iron Lady Sharmila and her PRJA associate Erendro Leichombam in front of the judiciary to use the fund that are meant for the people in proper manner and transparent.

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