Ibobi natter not a word on his flag hoisting ceremony

Chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh denied to speak to the media did not address to the large public gathering at the flag hoisting ceremony held today at his residence in Thoubal district.
Ibobi Singh who has been the chief minister for three consecutive terms and contesting from Thoubal constituency hoisted his congress flag with rituals performed amid his supporters.
In the ceremony where no congress flags were seen except the flag hoisted the chief minister did not address the large crowd and denied speaking to the media. When the reports approached to him he said not a single word except waving his hand indicating denial of responding the media persons as his security personnel obstructed approaching him.
A supporter in the gathering said Ibobi will come back as well as the Congress government. Congress has been not in communal politics and in these fifteen years of Congress there has been a big change in the state which no other political parties can make such kind of changes and that’s why we support Ibobi and the Congress, added the supporter.
Numbers of women groups came in lines to the CM’s residence with offerings to give blessings for the chief minister’s success in the election.

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