Former Police chief talks straight

Former Director General of Police Yumnam Joykumar has opined that the BJP government at the centre and the Congress government in Manipur can easily end the economic blockade that has crossed 110 days if both cooperate and work in the true spirit of serving the people.
Addressing at a public gathering held at the residence of the National People’s Party (NPP) candidate Joykumar on the occasion of his flag hoisting ceremony today spoke out that the BJP and Centre can stop the United Naga Council (UNC) from imposing economic blockade in the state.
UNC is said to be the frontal organisation of the NSCN-IM which is holding peace talk on the Naga integration issue.
Talking on the sideline he said when he was DGP the Congress Government at the centre put pressure and stopped the economic blockade that lasted for around three months. “Why can’t the BJP government at the centre put pressure on the NSCN-IM so as to stop the economic blockade?” added Joykumar.
The congress and BJP have been throwing of the responsibility of the Naga issue and its economic blockade upon its other.
Joykumar said his first priority would be stressed on the problem of division between the hill and valley that has brought about the present economic blockade. The Inner Line Permit issue was another area he wanted to give emphasis.
Saying that the third priority was to find what is behind the ‘Framework Agreement’ signed between the NSCN-IM and the government of India, the retired police chief said “I am not against the framework agreement as the Naga issue requires a solution, but what sort of problem and the solution in the agreement must be let known to the people and that should be acceptable to all.”
He said the state need to be self sufficient by focussing on the primary sector and elaborated on his aspiration to reform the educational system as well as improve the quality of government schools. He also said a pragmatic and balanced land policy was needed in the state.
Joykumar who is also the spokesperson the NPP said, “We have 21 candidates and out of which we expect about anything between five and ten.”
Thangminlen Kipgen, President of NPP Manipur said all the political parties have good motive but it’s the people who belong to the parties that led the parties look ugly. “People need to vote for the candidate who would work for the welfare of the people”, he added.

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