Equestrian Championship

Chingkheihunba Polo Club claimed two gold medals in the 14th DGAR Sentinel Cup State Equestrian Championship 2017 which got underway at Mapal Kangjeibung.

In the junior tent pegging lance individual event, Chingkheihunba Polo Club made a clean sweep of the top three spot with Th. Santosh Singh claiming the gold with 31 point while teammates Th.Ranjan Singh got the silver with 29 point and M. Kuber Singh with 26 point fetch the bronze medal. A.Tomba of Eastern Students Club who finished fourth also got a bronze medal in the event.

As for the girls show jumping event, Neelu RK of Chingkheihunba Polo Club claimed the gold while Th. Jetholia of K&M Memorial Riding School fetched the silver medal. Th.Tanna Devi of Chingkheihunba Polo Club and S. Sumita Devi of K&M Memorial Riding School settle for the bronze medals.

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