CLP’s appeal against UNC would be thrown in dust bin: Javadekar

Union Minister of HRD, Prakash Javadekar denounced the Congress Legislature Party’s appeal to the central government to declare the United Naga Council as an unlawful organisation saying that the appeal doesn’t matter to anything and it would be thrown in the dust bin.

Javadekar made the statement today while talking to few reporters today at hotel Classic Grande.

He said Ibobi was responsible for the UNC’s economic blockade and he has been allowing the blockade to continue. “Law and order is his responsibility; he is avoiding his responsibility and making demands at the centre is actually sighing away from his responsibilities”, added Javadekar.

We had given more than enough security forces. He keeps them in the barrack without using them and he comes out everyday with demand that is bogus. This diversionary tactics wont impact at anything, said Javadekar.

“He is deliberately not allowing the security forces to take action against the blockade as he politically motivated, he wants the people of Manipur to continue suffering which results to diversion among people and from which he gets benefits” said Javadekar.

The CLP meeting presided by chief minister was conducted yesterday. It had deliberated on the more than 100 days old economic blockade.

The meeting resolved to urge the Central Government to declare UNC as an unlawful organisation for the untold misery they have been causing to all the people of Manipur.

Later, Chief Minister O Ibobi forwarded the CLP meeting’s resolution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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