US beat Manipur

US Polo Association beat Manipur Polo Team by 7-5 goals in the 2nd Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament that kicked off today at Mapal Kanjeibung, the world’s oldest functioning polo ground.

Team USPA Women are participating in the tournament for the second time. Its special relationship with Manipur began in 2013 when the US men’s team began participating at the Manipur International Polo Tournament. Team USPA Women is its first women’s team to play internationally.

Sephanie Massey of USPA said, “I am very excited to be here. Trip in India has so far been fantastic and honoured to be playing with the facilities with the ponies.”

Anna Winslow, captain of the American team who is playing in Manipur for the second time said she was very fortunate to be here again. “It was a very fine game today. All the ladies were smiling and it was fair match”, said Anna.

Anna said she just want everyone to know that it was equal opportunity for everyone no matter who wins.

Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) team is making its debut this year. It is the governing body for polo in the UK, Ireland and many other countries throughout the world. The team is playing against USPA on Thursday.

Anna said, “If we win England team, we will play in the championship. It will be a tough competition. They are taller and bigger girls, but I think we can pull it out. It should be really a good game and I am very excited to play.”

The tournament is organised by Manipur Tourism in association with the All Manipur Polo Association (AMPA) and commemorates the day on which, in January 21, 1972, Manipur became a full-fledged state.

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