Labour groups demand a separate police branch

Labour organisations today staged a sit in on the Maharani Thong in the heart of Imphal denouncing the killing of two labourers by Kuki Natioinal Front, KNF (N) in a cross encounter on Saturday night at Moulsohoi village in Ukhrul district.

The labour groups in the sit-in demanded the state government to open a separate police to rescue people from kidnapping for ransom which has been a common trend in the state.

The protest taken up by the Workers Union Manipur, Kanglei Economic Development Organisation and the Loumee Shinmee Aapunba Lup condemned the incident that killed two labourers in a cross firing between the KNF (N) and Kuki National Army, KNA when the KNA tried to rescue the abducted duo from the hands of the KNF (N).

Dr. Laishram Joyprakash, vice president, Workers Union Manipur said it was questionable why a group which is under the suspension of operation with the government tried to rescue the abducted workers. The government need to conduct a strict vigil and deal over the matter with proper attention.

He asked how only the two Meiteis were killed in the said cross fire when the cross fire was between the Kuki militant groups. The incidence tells that there is no governance in the state, added Joyprakash.

“Kidnapping for ransom is frequent occurrence in the state and the state should open a separate police department to deal with kidnapping only”, said Joyprakash.

He said there is lack of response from the people when a labour is kidnapped. Hill base militants and Kuki militants has been so far involved in cases of kidnapping for ransom, he added.

Saying that the Kuki civil society organisations had never condemned nor expressed over such incident, the participants in the rally appealed the Kuki civil society organisations not to remain silent this time and seek cooperation for a peaceful Manipur.

“If they remain silent it would bring about communal riot which anyone in the state would not welcome” said Joyprakash.

The protesters appealed the government to punish the guilty according to the law of the land.

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