Javadekar counts Ibobi inept

Prakash Javadekar, union minister of human resource has reckoned chief minister Okram Ibobi as incapable leader who allows the UNC to continue indefinite blockade continue.
Javadekar said Ibobi has not utilised enough security force which was adequately provided by the centre to remove the blockade even if people suffers to a great extent. “During the visit of union minister of home affairs Kiren Rijiju on December 23 mentioned that the BJP governments support to the state congress government with 40 additional troupes of central security above the available CRPF force in the state to open the indefinite blockade. At present there are 175coys of CPMF with the government of Manipur. Ibobi is an incapable leaders and allows the blockade continue to procure political gain” said the BJP leader.
Blockade suits Ibobi with his divide and rule politics by dividing the communities and the geographical boundaries. People will certainly throw off his government this time, added Javadekar.
“If he can’t remove the blockade he should resign. Code of conduct of the election does not restrict resignation. If he is incapable he can call for president rule,” said Javadekar.
Ibobi had earlier reacted to the statement of Rijiju on the additional Coys enforcement asking where the forces were.
We called a tripartite meeting, but he didn’t represent the state government because he doesn’t want solution, said Javedkar.
He was here in a two days visit to Manipur along with Prahlad Singh Patel, Manipur election in charge, BJP to pilot a core committee meeting to discuss on the selection of intending candidates for the election contest.
Javadedkar said the first meeting on Manipur ticket will be held on 17. Tickets’ will be provided according merit.
The chief ministerial candidature of the state election has not been announced yet.

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