Ibobi challenges BJP

Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh today taunted the BJP to publicise the details in the framework agreement signed with the NSCN-IM, if BJP sincerely cares for the interest of the people as it declared.

Ibobi asked the BJP to stop playing blame game and instead work together in resolving the economic blockade issue in the interest of the people.

He alleged BJP for remaining impervious to the plight of the people of Manipur. “Immediately after the blockade was imposed, I and deputy chief minister, went to Delhi and met the Union Home Minister and apprised the Home Minister that as UNC is the frontal organisation of NSCN-IM, who is in talks with the Government of India. A stricture from centre would help in resolving the issue. But, Instead of listening to us the Home Minister bluntly asked the state government cancel its proposed plan to create Jiribam and Sadar Hills district and the economic blockade will be open”, he said.

The Chief Minister further contended that in their second meeting with the Home Minister which also participated by other the central leaders, the leaders failed to show any responsibility.

“We were asked why we could not open the National Highway 2 despite the security aid. We have responded that we made it clear that the transporters are hell bent on plying along NH-2. We even tried to convince the transporters that the government will give compensation of Rs 20 lakhs and job to next kin well if any unfortunate incident happens to the transporters. But, the transporters does not want to trade their lives with money,” said Ibobi.

Moreover, he pointed out that the central para military forces provided by the Union Government informed that they were here only for area domination not to confront the protestors and that the law and order is a state subject.
Using excessive force against the protestors can accidentally lead to bloodshed and the government of Manipur is not going to take that risk considering the prevailing situation, said Ibobi.

Ibobi dared if any leader from the BJP Manipur can volunteer in pressuring the centre government to disclose the detail of the framework agreement or threatens to quit from party considering the apprehension of the people surrounding the agreement.
He also drew the attention of the Prime Minister if he could spell out the details of the agreement during his proposed visit in the state.

As the UNC is working at the helm of the NSCN-IM, it is very obvious the links between the UNC and the BJP government in the centre, he said.

He continued that the alliance between the BJP and NPF in Nagaland speaks for itself as the latter is backed by the NSCN-IM, who is a threat to Manipur. Recalling the cease extension and the framework agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and BJP, he said that joining BJP only means helping in disintegration Manipur.

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