Gunshot in New Year celebration alarms people

Gunshots amid heavy firework cracks of the New Year’s Day celebration have terrified some residents in Imphal.
A bullet entered through a zinc sheet roof of a resident at Thangmeiband in Imphal West district in the midst of fireworks cracks celebrating the adjoining night of the old and new year.
The bullet fell in front of a bed of the resident. The bullet fell on the floor as the resident lady step in the room after watching the celebration in the sky fireworks.
It was not the first time a fired bullet enters our resident, we found a bullet stuck at the roof last year too while repairing the roof” said the lady.
Showing the bullet in her hand she said we were terrified and remained sleepless in the night. Someone must have fired the gun shot amid the fireworks celebration.
“We haven’t complained the police for we don’t know from where the bullet came. It cannot be a direct attack to our home as it came in the middle of the celebration with several firework cracking. The state authority needs to check such firing gunshots during such celebrations. Who will take responsibility if any of us was hurt”, said the lady.
People in Uriopk area of Imphal West also heard gun shots in the adjoining night of the old year and the new year. “Who fires the shots and why? Who is to be blamed?” Said a resident of Uripok.
This year one man died on the first day of the New Year in a road accident. He was found lying by a motorcycle at Khongman in Imphal East district and died at the spot at 7.30 pm.

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