125 SAI students runaway

Sportsperson 125 in numbers training for Special Area Game at Khuman Lampak under the Sports Authority of India ran away from their hostel today.

Interacting with the media persons at Manipur Press Club the students expressed that the students were not provided with enough good food and there has been no regular maintenance of toilet with timely supply of its requirements.

The students strongly alleged that L. Ibomcha the overall in charge of SAI SAG beat the students and harassed them scolding by mentioning their parents. “We could no more bear the harassment and we ran out of the hostel. We decided not to return to the hostel until the time Ibomcha is replaced.

The students were from the disciplines of fencing, judo, wrestling, swimming, karate, gymnae, wusu and wrestling.
There were also allegations made by All Manipur Sportsman Guardians’ Association, In-Charge of the SAI SAG, Khuman Lampak L. Ibomcha in May, 2012 for improper supply of diet.

He was appointed for the post as per an official statement of the Director General of SAI, New Delhi on December 27, 1999.

Even though he is holding the post of In-Charge, he is doing his duty as a coach at the same time. He was a coach awarded the Dronacharya award.

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